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Moments From The Sun CD cover

Sea of Curves, CD cover

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Jeff Talman Under the Sun (2018)

This third collaboration with Dr. Daniel Huber, astrophysicist, University of Hawaii and Kepler MIssion, NASA (2013-2014) features the scaled sound of the sun as determined by solar acoustic waveform oscillation modeling. As the only sound source for this composition of symphonic proportions, the work immerses the listener in a sonic essence of radiant light as the cosmic reality of the otherwise space-veiled sounds engage art and the source of life on Earth. Featured in St Peter's Church NYC during Summer 2018, the eight channel installation sound has been mixed to the binaural stereo format.

Audio CDs and downloads available, Release notes available here.

Jeff Talman Sea of Curves (2012, rev 2013)
Sea of Curves evokes the ocean's powerful, sensual nature while mirroring subtle inflections and dramatic shifts in light, transparency, tone and mood as conjured by the sea. Project audio originates in ocean wave sounds recorded by hydrophone, seismometer and microphone in collaboration with ocean researchers Matt Fowler and Dr. James Traer. Symphonic in scope, the sound includes the 'hum of the Earth,' the planetary sonic vibration believed to be caused by waves sounds. CD notes available here.

Available. Release notes available here.


Jeff Talman Nature of the Night Sky (2011)
Stellar resonance, the sound of stars, is the sole sound source for international artist Jeff Talman's debut CD, Nature of the Night Sky. Composed of star sounds modeled by collaborator Dr. Daniel Huber, a NASA astrophysicist, Talman's 50-minute work was first introduced in the Bavarian Forest, Germany as a sound installation in May 2011. The work is available in audio CD and mp3 download formats.

Available. Release notes available here.


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