It's so haunting...Jackie Lyden, Weekend Edition, National Public Radio


When Soaring Sings Jeff Talman's work, a collaboration with the Cornell Ornitholohy Lab based on the songs and calls of over 100 species of birds that return to nest in New York State in the spring. Future release.

Under the Sun Now available, a new major work based on the sound of the Sun by collaborators Jeff Talman and Dr. Daniel Huber, astrophysicist, University of Hawaii and Kepler Mission, NASA (2013-2014).

Sea of Curves Summer 2013 release of Jeff Talman's new work with ocean researchers Matt Fowler and Dr. James Traer. Available at CDBaby as MP3 downloadable and Audio CD.

Nature of the Night Sky Fall 2011 release. Listen to the sound of stars in a collaborative work of Jeff Talman and Dr. Daniel Huber, NASA. Featured on NPRs weekend edition and available on CD Baby.

Sea of Curves, digipak gatefold, pre-release

Sea of Curves pre-release digipak gatefold